We’re a company specialized in the fabrication of upholstered furniture with a high degree of customization and we have the flexibility that allows us to adapt to the needs and specific desires of each of our clients. By being manufacturers and having the complete control of the whole fabrication process, we can take on important large volume orders with reasonable delivery times and competitive prices.

The flexibility of our work model allows us to produce large volumes, with the ability to increase our plant’s productive capacity according to demand, times, and specific requirements of our clients.

One of our main competitive advantages is our capability of using on each project the combination of materials that the client specifies.


Our mission is to become a leading producer in the upholstery industry. That’s why we manufacture with the quality that our clients are expecting, using the highest quality standards in our production processes with extraordinary innovation and service attitude.

Our strength is based on a profound compromise to an environment of harmony and respect for our employees, as well as an open and honest relationship with our commercial allies and the community in which we operate.


Sitwell Furniture will be a recognized and respected company in the fabrication of upholstered furniture, as well as a place where people can work happily and continually grow in their professional lives.







Service attitude

Quality Policy

Our company’s operations are oriented to the production of goods and services with high quality standards on a national and international levels, through the commitment of our collaborators and suppliers to our clients and our community in general, we apply our production processes with an attitude of innovation, responsibility and service.

Quality Goals of the Company

Our goals are fixed on the compliance and exceeding of our customers expectations, through attractive goods and services, that are homogenous and functional and that satisfy your needs, according to the stablished standards or parameters offered at the beginning of the business relationship.

We invite you to learn about Sitwell Furniture. Pieces that create ambiance and transform spaces and bring life to unique experiences.